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Why Content Marketing is so Important for your Online Business? What is it?

Usually Contents used other than HTML tags in your web pages will be crawled by search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc for specific query search. Your content must go Unique and Authorised so that Google will show up your web pages in search results.

Now, we come to the quest of Why Content Marketing is Important for Online Business, First of all what is It.

Generally We can easily write up anything and publish it in our website. But what is the part of Content writing here?

Actually Content writing and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) both correlate each other. Your website or web page will be SEO friendly, If your web page contents are Keyword optimised, linked internally and linked externally (also follows SEO guidelines).

So If you publish something for some purpose in your website to attain win-win results i.e) to reach its purpose, Your Contents must be optimised of SEO.   This is sometimes called as SEO Content Writing.

Again, What is Content Marketing?

According to me, Content Marketing is nothing but “Forced SEO Content Writing“.

Continually writing, posting, sending, distributing, attracting, pulling and reaching out the real targeted people to your Blog page or product/service selling page with Unique, Authorised, Interactive and Useful Contents.

Why Content Marketing is Important for your Online Business?

So, Before going deep into the topic of content marketing, Let us analyse all other types of Marketing aspects.

  1. PPC / Advertising: One catchy line converts people into customers but though the one who really in need of that particular product/service will only convert. The conversion is completely dependant on the visitor who is having the mindset of buying. Also the one who continually purchase some product or service won’t really prefer advertisement, I mean the one who do long term purchase won’t prefer ad’s, they will obviously go for the one who they trust for longer period of time. So In my opinion, PPC/ Advertising somehow missing the customer trust/loyalty. So it will probably bring only short term clients until the client get some trust / loyalty from the seller.
  2. Product Endorsement: Promoting the product with celebrity will bring some trust over the product while comparing to Advertising. But It is too expensive.
  3. Social Media Marketing: Social Media Marketing will bring direct customer acquisition through content creation, maximum shares or talks through campaign and social engagement. It will bring leads and sales. Whenever you stop the campaign, your sales will slow down drastically.
  4. Discounts: Creating offer and announcing discounts will attract the customers for a given period of time. Again it is Short term.

So All of the above marketing aspects have some flaws.

The Analysis says that Long term client relationships depends on the long term engagement with people, relationships with Influencers and publications.

What Research says

As per the Survey of fellow blogger Blogher, 8 out of 10 sales are motivated just through the Blog recommendations where as 6.5 out of 10 sales are motivated through Product Endorsements.

Almost half of the U.S Blog readers are motivated to purchase goods by means of Blog Recommendations. And Every One in four buyers are motivated to purchase by searching for help with making a purchase decision.


* Develop New Content – Finding the possibilities of the content topic related to the Brand through Internet Research

* Keyword Targeted Contents – SEO Optimised

* Writing Newsletters – Educate existing database of clients

* Publishing Articles in the Blog – Update New contents according to the trends and technologies in the given industry

* Syndicating articles in Other Blogs or Magazine – Build Authority and Influencers

* Email Marketing – Create Brand Awareness through Mail

* Link Building – Build links with Influencers for Brand Authority

* Re-create and Re-brand the contents – Re write the existing contents with the updated Marketing terms and build Authority


Content Marketing actually has the following goals.

  • Building Brand Awareness
  • Creating Brand Loyalty
  • Getting Customer Engagement
  • Educating your customers and clients
  • Building relationships with Influencers
  • And Publications

So Long term Contracts can be achieved through Content Marketing.

“Marketers must seize these opportunities now or risk falling behind their competitors in the race for online consumer engagement.”

– Kelley Skoloda




For Learning about How to choose catchy titles, what to write about, the tools and resources will be shared in the upcoming articles. Stay tuned!

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