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6 Ideal Growth Hacking Personas Growth hacked Their Online Business through Personal Branding

Today I want to discuss how 6 Ideal Growth Hacking Personas Growth Hacked Their Online Business through Personal Branding.

I can say this topic as My 6 Inspirations, Influences, Motivations, enthusiasms or Whatever.

These Six people are Ideal about their Personal Branding in different Unique ways.

But all of them have similar One Stop Strategy i.e) Content Marketing Strategy. They use content marketing strategies what we are learning nowadays throughout online.

Before knowing them in detail I would like to share about Non-verbal Website Intelligence. Apart from Content Marketing Strategy, Your Website’s Design may act as Non-verbal Website Intelligence and growth hack.

got confused?

Non-verbal Website Intelligence is Another way of communication to your audience from your website other than using lots of content as verbal communication.


How to make Non-verbal Website Intelligence to Growth Hack?

There are five ways to consider it.

1. Enlightening Images: 

Some rules to be followed to enlighten your Images are Line of Sight and adding Captions. Firstly, Your Images might have a living person whose gaze direct the users properly with a signal.

Secondly, Imagine that you are reading a News-paper.

What you will do?

You will read headlines, then look into pictures, immediately read the caption below the Image. So Adding caption will go along with the Users mind.

2. Effortless Navigation:

Your Website must have effortless Navigation  as I have discussed it as the best practice of Site Structure in SEO Help.

Effortless Navigation doesn’t stop at Navigation Menu, It also includes Using Active commands, Editorial Cross Links (Interlinking), One Page, One Goal Rule, Uncluttered Sidebars (keeping Needy things), A Short path to Important content (Easy to access).

3. Soothing Typography:

Usually Typography communicates with your readers. So go with the theme which have simpler, Most readable Fonts.

In some cases if you have done longer research on specific topic, use Fancy Fonts in your product Description, that will work out.

4. Engagement Evidence: 

Show off your existing engagement to grab the attention of New Users.

Eliminate Negative evidences and Highlight Positive Engagement Evidences. Usually people do this.

5. Instant Access:

Make your site accessible to anyone, anywhere and from any Device. I am speaking about compatibility and Load time.

Reduce your Site loading time, Speed up your website by Unplugging unused plugins, Using clean code, Compressing files and using Static Domain resources.

So the above 5 ways will be helpful to growth hack your business through personal branding website, incorporating Non-verbal Website Intelligence.



Now, come to the 6 Ideal Growth hacking Personas.


1. Lorelle doesn’t make anything from WordPress Blog still she is contributing, It’s her Identity, In Marketing terms it is sometimes called as Personal Branding

Actually Lorelle VanFossen, didn’t started her Blogging journey for Personal Branding, But later it became her Unique Identity. She has started her blogging journey since 1994, I may call her “Resource of WordPress Blogging”. Because there are plenty of resources to start blogging. Even a Novice can understand from her website Lorelle on WordPress.

Lorelle VanFossen ideal Growth Hacking Personas
Lorelle VanFossen

Lorelle is a Speaker and Author sometimes Called as a blog evangelist, on Lorelle on WordPress. She writes about WordPress and blogging Resources, also teach and train people wherever she goes on.

If I start talking about all her success journey, this page won’t be enough to complete it out.

2. Neil Patel makes $100,000 per month through Personal Branding

 Neil Patel is a famous Internet Marketing Giant everyone knows him very well.  Let’s talk about his success strategies in “Personal Branding”.

Neil Patel Ideal Growth hacking Personas
Neil Patel

Patel is running out 5 companies in his young age. He Usually creates Guides and giving out free to his Audiences. It will take much effort and time to design itself, also it will make far too time-consuming effort to replicate.   The Ideal Methodology is his Difficult task and Laziness of Other people that differentiates him as an Ideal person which in turn creates his Brand.

What He Says,

“Invest in yourself and focus,” he says. “One problem, one company, and then grow from there.” 

3. Dainis Graveris make $20,000 per month through this Personal Branding

Dainis Graveris was a Freelancer, have established his Personal Branding in his young Age through  His Website might be called as Reference to Web Designing. He became Industry Thought Leader of Web Designing so soon.

Dainis Graveris Ideal Growth Hacking Personas
Dainis Graveris

What He Says,

“It’s our personal mission to make sure you become the best web design professional you can be.” -James, CEO / Co-Founder

4. Harsh Agarwal is making $32,480 per month [Approx] through his Personal Branding – ShoutMeLoud

Harsh Agarwal is again a famous Online Money Making and WordPress Blogger. He got many awards in his Journey. He teaches all the aspects of Starting a blog to Affiliate Marketing Success. If you want to start Blogging Business of your own just Digg into his Personal Branding Blog. His Landing Page itself shows you how he made it to Growth Hack his Business. He is running out the number of other Blogs too since his Full-time Business itself Blogging.

Harsh Agarwal Ideal Growth Hacking Personas
Harsh Agarwal

What He Says,

“Success is an endless journey. Once you are on the track, you never have to stop.” Agarwal said.

5. Darren Rowse is making 6 Figures of Income through Personal Branding – ProBlogger

Darren Rowse is a Speaker and Author, he also teaches Blogging and How to make money out of Affiliate Business in His Personal Branding Blog. He has released many Ebooks, Courses and doing Affiliate Business through Blogging. His Website Commands are Important to go through about how he Growth hacked his Business through that Personal Branding Blog.

Darren Rowse Growth Hacked His Business
Darren Rowse

What He Says,

“Solve a problem or a group of people’s lives better in some way and you’ll create a loyal customer who is likely to pass on word about you to another person with that need.” Rowse said.

6. Brian Clark makes $1,000,000 per month through his Personal Branding – CopyBlogger

Brian Clark got Entrepreneurial Success through Online Content Marketing since 1998. Today His Blog CopyBlogger is known as the most powerful and influential Blog in the world. This is the First Blog Worldwide to make 8 figures Annual income without investing anything in Advertising. Hence Content Marketing Emerged. CopyBlogger is the catalyst of any multi-million dollar tools and training company.

Brian Clark Growth Hacked His Business through Personal Branding
Brian Clark

What He Says,

“It can be tempting to make the quick buck, but I was never going to do that, and I think that’s why we’ve never had a product fail. It’s always about the audience first, and we ended up getting rewarded for prioritising correctly” Clark said.

So far we have seen about 6 Ideal Growth Hacking Personas and How these People Growth Hacked their Business through Personal Branding in Unique approaches.

Do you want to learn more Growth hacking Design? This Article might be helpful to you for further reading.

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