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Easy ways to Convert your Personal Social Profile Followers into Business Page Followers

Whether It is Facebook or Twitter or LinkedIn, these easy ways will surely convert those Personal Social Profile Followers into your Business Page Followers.

Generally, If your follower follows both your Business page and personal profile, while sharing the same thing in both places they will feel it irritating and won’t read it at all.

Consider, you have the greatest resource link. The Scenario is like If anyone visited it once, they will surely follow you.

Also If you keep on posting the same thing in multiple places, those people who also follow and read the post again and again at the same time won’t even read your upcoming posts. They will just scroll and move.

In this case, you have 5 easy ways to get rid of these problems.

Use Short Links

For sharing any link, Use URL shortened links. you may find tools like Google URL Shortener and Bitly . People won’t remember these type of Links, it will look like Fresh URL in every instance.

The Second thing is not to use Auto-Preview Linking Feature. The Link Sharing’s with custom pictures are more prone to be clicked than the Links containing auto-preview links.


Shuffle out posting in each Share

Use Attention Grabbing, catchy Quotes with that Link share without a picture in one post, Add a Real-time picture in another post with that same link, Add text Banner like a picture with a link in another post, Add a Story with call-to-action with that link.


Same Stuff in different forms

Post same stuff in Different ways in Different timings to the same followers. Some Followers will be active today morning, Some will be in the evening, some other will be in the next evening, So Keep that in mind share the same stuff but without making your followers bored of you.



Suppose If you want to share the same stuff to your personal followers and also Business page followers, Use this strategy. If you mention your friend on your business page, they will feel odd of you. So Mention yourself i.e) your personal profile in your business page and share it. So Your Business page posting will be seen by your personal followers without visiting your page. They will get attracted to it If it sounds Useful.


Final Words

So Using the above 5 Easy ways you can easily Convert your Personal Social Profile Followers into Business Page Followers without asking them a word.

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