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15 SEO Factors Help Your Website Rank Faster – Learn SEO in Minutes

I have gathered all SEO factors and the questions people asked me through email to Help Your Website Rank Faster and also These Tips will help you Learn SEO in some Minutes.

I would suggest you follow these guidelines everytime to maintain your site ranking further.

SEO is nothing but Optimising your site for Making it Visible and top result in Search Engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. Usually, the more accessible and high conversion rate pages are first page results.
SEO is not a simpler problem to solve. It has various aspects and factors to consider. In my previous post, I have discussed about fastest steps to rank your site and recent updates from Google. Click Here

No. I would recommend you to Submit your site on and articles on But though you submit links using this tools, you have to do the following.

  1. Manually submit them to web directories
  2. Open Google web console and Add your site URL’s
  3. Make changes to settings, target your customers
  4. Generate sitemap using, upload it on your server and specify that link in the console.
No. If you increase the number of plugins on your site it will affect the size, page load and performance. For simpler functions do not prefer plugins. Try to customize your themes and templates in adding those relevant codes instead of plugins.

Choose keyword specific URLs right from domain name to each menu or link items.

  1. BAD-URL:
  2. Good URL:

“Use shorter length url for low competition keywords, Longer length url for high competition keywords.”

Site structure will be useful for Search Engine crawl, Easy Navigation, and Internal Linking. Pages must have Navigation menus which will help the readers, command them on navigating relevant pages on the site.
Use Authority of a Single Page to remaining all pages in your site. Generally, we will have a resource to collect backlinks from external sites. Use Anchor links of other relevant pages exist in your website to pass Link Juice.

Use Long tail keyword for faster indexing. Use Keyword planner from Adwords, target the customers and choose High traffic Low competition phrase or decide the Long tail keyword.

  • Use keywords in the title,
  • Apply within first 100 words,
  • h1, h2, h3, Alt tags, image URLs,
  • Highlight repetitive keywords wherever possible,
  • Use them in conclusions.
Go with Bootstrap themes and templates, use bootstrap classes and Media Queries. Install Mobile/Responsive Web Design Tester plugin for browser and check responsiveness every-time.
To increase page ranking use Use Pingdom, GTMetrix and Google speed tool for testing. The following is a checklist to do for faster loading.

  1. Add Custom CSS classes instead of inline-CSS,
  2. Avoid flash and 404 or 500 URL requests or page redirects,
  3. Create subdomains, split and load static files such as images, CSS and javascript files from those domains.
  4. If you occupy too much space prefer using Cloudflare
  5. Add minify code to compress all CSS and JS files before load.
  6. Use Exact dimensions images in all places to avoid load speed.
Bounce rating can be reduced with proper Conversion Design Flow Model.

  • Design first (Bad Design will make users left your site easily),
  • Catchy titles or phrases,
  • Leave white spaces,
  • Social sharing options,
  • Subscription forms,
  • Making surveys to interact with your site readers,
  • Tweet and Pinterest friendly contents/images and
  • Publish Lead Magnets such as Videos, Ebooks, whitepapers, webinars or courses, etc.

Longer the content, faster to rank in top. Recent case studies says,

The first page of Google has longer content first, shorter content next vice versa.

List out your Competitors, find their backlinks from Ahrefs, Jot down Quality websites, find 404 or 500 links from selected sources using BrokenLinkFinder. Use to retrieve the article contents of broken links from selected quality websites, use that idea, create the best resource and deal with them to get a link. Use press releases, skyscraper method, infographics or Resources page.

Usually, the more useful content will eventually get the more backlinks.

Regularly revisit your site, review the older contents, Update them with Latest News and updates. Maintain your site freshness.



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